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Sandcastles II

**The original sandcastles was written 11 years ago for someone very dear to me. He and I met again in March 2004. I won't tell the story...read on.....

Sunset…..walking on the still warm sand
My feet sinking in this powdered paradise
Sea gulls crying, birds hovering low
My eyes strain to look at the far stretch of shore

I see a familiar flag flapping in the wind
On top of a sandcastle proudly standing in the middle of the beach
where we once walked hand in hand,
far too many sunsets ago.

Like all that was ours, that sandcastle was washed away
Swallowed by angry currents
forever lost in the ocean depths..

Until today….

The small red flag was a summons
Drawing me to the sandcastle
Bearing the familiar patterns… crafted slowly, lovingly
By the same hands that once held me

Could it be that you are here too
Taking the same familiar walk
Breathing the same air
Watching the same sun that set upon us 10 years back

If I find you on the other end of the shore
will it ever be the same?
Could a journey 10 years back be enough
To build a new sandcastle ?

Will it be, this time, strong enough?
Or, will it once again crumble
At the first crash of waves?

If we are to build on nothing but memories…
Remnants of sand washed inland by our first sandcastle..
Warmed by the afterglow of love’s old flame,
Rekindled briefly by passion…

It would be empty…

Casting one last longing look,
I caressed the battered red flag and turned away.
As I taste the salty spray of sea and tears on my face
I head back to where I came from…

A safe place that has forgotten you..

Where memories of sunsets and beaches have long faded
and sandcastles remain buried
in this heart’s ocean.


March 17, 2004


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