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by: Stephie

And we angels wept, so you say,
that’s why we have rain.

you look to the sky and pray
begging with closed eyes and outstretched hands
smiling in expectant faith.

Bliss for roses as it is balm to cracked lips
rain is an age-old benediction,
(again you say),
as natural as man’s need for a sense of belonging.

(so you tell me)
God will open heaven’s floodgates
and anoint you with sacred drops,
(albeit displeased that you still dip your tongue
in communal puddles).

Not a dark cloud in sight, still
you believe rain will come: your heaven sent---
one final shower of blessings
to purge you of life’s bitterness

Like you, I too dream of rain;
to drown in a downpour of mercy
far thicker than my angel tears.

But you have bled me dry,
so I choose to intercede,
sanctifying your prayers for rain
though I’ve been weeping for you for years.


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