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Swan Song

"When I leave PP, will you also write a senryu for me?"-Mitz

white kimono--
a swan walks down the aisle




Mitz said...

Thank you for the haiku Ate Steph. When I read my quote on your blog, medyo kinilabutan ako. I never thought I would actually leave, and it's very sad that it came to a point that I did. But you were there, and with your support I was able to get over the initial pain.

Thank you Ate Steph. =)

Stephie said...

As time passes, we realize that there will always be trade-offs and instances where one must swallow the bitter pill. But bear in mind that ultimately, things fall into their proper places. You know PP's doors would always welcome you back and that you permanently own a spot in my heart.

As my daddy says, go ahead, soar. Catch the dream!