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Pinoypoets Rengga: FROTH

**Rengga nina Ani, Jojo, Steph, Claire, Rhodge, Mr. Batutz at ang napadaan na si Mitz at papa nyang si Vin na birthday pala kagabi.

Something arises
from a cup of coffee tonight,
not only the steam that climbed
with the smoke from your cigarette

Here,too, do your senses converge
on a spot above your cup
where mist mixes with metaphors
and the mind streams with ideas--
thought bubbles frothing rich brown

Let us all sip, puff, think and write;
witness caffeine and nicotine
rape your barren unconscious.

Starbucks Shangri-la
July 12, 2005



jheric said...

pagaling ka po...

Stephie said...

thanks kuya. dami lang talagang work di maiwan.

Marlon said...

stephie, add kita sa link ko sa blog, ano nga pala ym mo? ym mo ako

mitz said...

Ate Steph, thanks for the time spent together at Starbucks, though konti, masaya pa rin ako. =) Miss yah!