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Translation: Should You Forget

Should you forget …


how we once unclasped our hearts

to play and seek refuge from its maddening beats,

to look for the wings of the angel of darkness

and soar to the vagabond planets lying within us--

as one-- limbs and spirits entwined, whole

and unmindful of on looking stars…


Do not grieve beloved, do not be sad.

Nothing changes.


I shall continue to walk this rope of tightly-woven moments,

and living on remembered sighs and giggles, return

to the silent footprints you’ve cast in my heart,

touching always these fallen crystals from your lips.


But should you forget me…


should the love letters I etched on your skin fade,

should your tongue lose it’s memory

and forget even how to speak my name,


Ah my love, do not be afraid.

Nothing will change.


I shall never let go of our memories,

for I have sworn to every on looking star

and promised each vagabond planet

that one night we spent together,

was the last that I’d unclasp my heart.
Translated from: Kung Sakaling Malimutan Mo Ako

by Anne Stephanie Cruz and Marlon Hacla







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