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Ode to Kal-el


** because I will always be the little girl who fell for Superman…


I embraced you,
full circle around Krypton’s sun,
certain your fire will consume me
until I am nothing but particles
perpetually dancing in space,
feeding on the energy
of  being loved by a phantasm
whose identity I hold
in the quiet of my mortal heartbeats.


I’ve long given up trying
to solve the riddles of this universe:
of wanting to mend the tatter in time 
that caused meteors to pelt the earth too early,
but brought me to you too late.


I could only love you in compromised acceptance.


We are locked in a dream with a termination date.

Immutable laws of the cosmos breached with each kiss,
the great divide forgotten in a fortress of solitude—
no windows, no doors to shut behind us
we etched doubt in mirrors of fragile peace.


This is my beat under the heavens
yours lie beyond dismantled suns
past extinguished stars, spent comets
and silenced human hearts
that taught you to yield and let go.


Love alone cannot eclipse the truth:
you’ll always be a god amongst men,
but you weren’t destined to save me.


~Anne Stephanie Cruz~


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