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Recipes for Suicide


suicide by coffee—

five, six mugs a day

heart palpitation by 80


crossing the street

thinking of hall of mirrors—

shaking stumbling


excruciating pain

7-11 slurpee---

blood curling brain freeze


bright burning ember

a very slow poison—

cigarette stick


daily fare of gin

balut cholesterol and alcohol—

heart, kidney, liver


man without hope

swallows several wishbones—

death by lechon manok


each night, a toast

to guardian angels—

death by San Miguel



hangs himself in guilt—

death by mosquito net


washing first heartbreak

out of her hair—

death by shampoo


after the bestman

makes a monkey out of you—

death by banana peel



SMS Rengga by: Andoy Castellano and Steph Cruz

Saturday, May 6, 2006 


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