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Mercury in Retrograde

by: Stephie

You're terrified of carousels, yet ride it again and again, believing centripetal force would change how your world has been revolving: opposite your fixed path around the sun.

You liken yourself to mercury in retrograde--transiting the heavens in several reverse cycles each year. Except you say, you have yet to find your way back into orbit.

Gravity threw you off kelter. Attraction to the sun upset your pre-set motion in the cosmos.
From a celestial being once capable of commanding the skies, you're now a mere mass of burning gas in the solar system.

Day after day you board that carousel, relishing the feeling of being spun around, all the while hoping for some unseen force to jolt you back on track.

But you dread coming to a halt.

For when the ride ends you realize why you were moving in retrograde: you've been circling the wrong sun.


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