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Filipino Tribal Minorities Bring Home The Gold

The Aetas, Mangyans, and Dumagats are considered minorities in the country, but from Thursday to Saturday last week they made the nation "major major" proud by bagging three golds, a silver, and four bronze medals in the first Southeast Asian Tribal Olympics.

Clad in their traditional G-strings and armed with hand crafted bows and arrows, spears and even blowpipes, the tribal athletes proudly showed off their medals from the recently concluded competition held at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

The Philippine contingent bested fellow tribal athletes from 11 other ASEAN countries.  They won medals in the archery, tree top archery, assault archery and  blow pipe competitions.  The athletes said they would have earned more medals had the scheduled games for running and spear throwing pushed through.

The two events were cancelled due to unfavorable weather.


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